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Qatar Cricket Association to select 14 schools for coaching programme

The monthly meeting of the Qatar Cricket Association (QCA) was held on September 5 at the Alfardan centre to discuss and find ways to promote cricket.

The meeting was chaired by MA Shahid, President and the other committee members Manzoor Ahmad, General Secretary, Malik Nazar Mohammad, Technical Advisor, Gul Khan jadoon, Head of Domestic Cricket, Mohammad Akram, Public Relations and Events manager, Aruna  D’Silva, Joint Secretary Development, Amjad Baig, Joint Secretary Ground Development, Hassan Raza Joint Secretary (Domestic Cricket) and Mohammad Imran, Office Manager.

The meeting was conducted mainly to discuss and find the ways to promote cricket and improve the skill of the game. The President announced and delegated Aruna D’Silva coach for the National senior team and under-19 boys team to bring a change for the betterment of cricket. This is a challenge for Aruna to prepare a team for the forthcoming ACC tournament to be held in Dubai in November. He also delegated Malik Nazar Mohd for coaching to the Women’s teams of all age groups. The change brought to promote cricket in women’s to utilize Malik’s expertise knowledge and technical skill.

It was also agreed to promote cricket among junior boys and girls age 10-13 years. For this two weeks coaching programme has been organized from October 15 to 30 and 14 schools will be selected and 18 students from each school will get coaching. A soft ball will be used. After that a tournament will be arranged for these boys from November 7.

QCA feels that this initiative will be a great fun for the youngsters.

A Development Committee was also formed and the committee will prepare their proposal for the promotion of cricket game and will submit their report to the management.

The President called upon the members to work hard and contribute maximum for the promotion of cricket and added he would like to see positive results from the national team participating in the ACC tournaments.

Qatar Cricket Association to select 14 schools for coaching programme.


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