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Population: 2,668,250 (Jan 2018 est.)
Population Aged 0-14: 12.62%
15 - 24 Years   13.4%
25 - 54 Years   70.45%
55 - 64 Years   3.41%
65 Years and Over   0.94%
National Coach: Abdul Rehman Chohan
National Captain (ODI): Inam Ul Haq
National Captain (T20)   Awais Malik
Women's Captain: Rishika Reddy
Cricket clubs (Premier + A + B + C): 8 +8 + 34 + 34 = 84
Grounds: 13
Turf wickets: 2
Women's Cricket: Yes
Playing Season: September to April
ICC Membership since 1999
ACC Member since 2000
ACC Development Officer:Iqbal Sikander
Recent Achievements:
2006 Winner of the ICC Development Award for Asian Region's Volunteer of the Year: Malik Nazar Mohammad
2007 Winners, ACC U-15 Challenge Cup
2009 Semi-Finalists, ACC U-17 Elite Cup
2009 Semi-Finalists, ACC U-19 Elite Cup
2009 Winner of the Regional Award for the Best Overall Cricket Development Programme under the Pepsi ICC Development Programme Annual Award
2017 Semi Final A19 Elite Cup: Volunteer of the best Cricket Development
2017 Qatar National Team achievement to ICC WCL Division V
Fifth in ACC Rankings for 2007 and 2008 seasons
Personnel qualified from ACC Courses:
Coaches: Level I - 21; Level II – 3; Level III - 1
Umpires: Level I - 24; Level II - 9
Curators: Module III - 3

Qatar is one of those countries currently girding their loins in Asia as they seek to capitalise on the talent and resources they have available.

Qatar has one of the best young batsmen in the Middle East in eighteen year-old Tamoor Sajjad, Player of the Tournament in 2009's ACC U-17 Elite Cup. Upon one player a team cannot be built, however, so they invariably struggle in the critical stages of every tournament. Still, there is talent around Sajjad and Qatar are a dangerous side.

The lack of turf is a handicap for them as players currently practise almost exclusively on matting and cement wickets. An attempt was made recently to produce turf wickets on reclaimed land from the Doha Golf Club which hasn't yet proven successful.

Following the U-15 team's success in the ACC Challenge Cup at the end of 2007 the state took an interest in promoting cricket and negotiations are proceeding for major new cricket facilities development in the country. Qatar's Olympic Committee has allocated a ground to the QCA at the Industrial Area in Doha. This ground will eventually be grassed with proper seating and turf pitches.

Recently, the QCA has been in discussion with the petroleum corporations to make use of two grounds outside Doha. Both the grounds are fully grassed with concrete pitches. The QCA is now working on developing these grounds to have turf pitches by the start of the 2010-2011 season.

"Turf is something which is critical to progress for Qatar, as well as for the other countries in the region. You see the players struggle when they come to international tournaments and they are not able to do themselves justice," says Iqbal Sikander.

The women's team show enthusiasm and have played in two ACC tournaments.

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