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A. Ground Facilities

1 Turf wicket is available at West Bay.
9 grounds with Astros Turf are available at West Bay
1 grassy ground is available at Messaied City
1 grassy ground is available at Dukhan City
1 grassy ground with Turf is available at Qatar Industrial City
These grounds are available with all the necessary facilities.

B. Net Practices

 3 Net Practices are available at West Bay.
 4 Net practices are available at local schools.
 5 Net practices, including 2 turf wickets are under construction and
   will be available by the middle of    February 10.

C. Coaches

1 Level 3 qualified coach/trainer from ACC/Australia
3 Level 2 qualified coach/trainer from ACC/Australia
20 Level 1 qualified coach from ACC
1  Level 1 qualified Women Coach from ACC

D. Physio

1 qualified Men Physio from ACC
1 qualified Women Physio from ACC

E. Umpires

8 Level 2 qualified umpires/trainers from ACC/Australia
1 Level 2 qualified women umpire from ACC/Australia
24 Level 1 qualified umpire from ACC

F. Technical Advisor

1 qualified (covering umpiring, coaching, training skills)

G. Curator

3No Level 3 qualified curator from ACC/Australia



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